Zkittles Delta 8 Vape Cartridge

We are proud to bring you a fruity and potent classic. Our natural terpenes and delta 8 distillate bring the correct balance to the table. Try the tasty, fruity Zkittles Delta 8 Vape Cartridge from Secret City Hemp Supply!

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Are you looking for one of the tastiest ways to enjoy Delta 8 THC? Try the Zkittles Delta 8 vape cartridge from Secret City Hemp Supply! Get the best of both worlds with this vape cartridge infused with the potency of grape and grapefruit.

Zkittles is an indica-dominant hybrid. This strain is descended from the fruity indica favorite Grape Ape and tangy Sativa Grapefruit. It’s every bit as exhilaratingly, fruity, and delectable as a bag of Zkittles. A toke of this vape will induce a rush of fruity flavors, including strawberry, grape, lemon, and berry. This strain will help you wind down and relax while tasting the rainbow.

Don’t just get the kick of that fruity flavor but also the high of Delta 8 THC. This is one of the most delicious and potent Delta 8 products in Oak Ridge, TN. Buy it today, try it today!

This vape cartridge provides a rapid delivery rate and allows you to feel the effects quickly. Our high quality delta 8 carts contain 95% delta 8 THC and 5% terpenes for natural flavoring.

The Finer Details:

Serving: If you’re trying it for the first time, you should gauge your tolerance for this delta 8 vape cartridge. It’s best to take 1-2 puffs and then wait to see the effects. Remember that for some people, it can take time to experience a high. Hence, take your time and enjoy the fruity flavor and the journey.

Storage: You should store the Zkittles Delta 8 vape cartridge in a cool, dry place. Heat and moisture can ruin the flavor and potency of the vape cartridge.  

Quantity: 1 Gram

Delta 8 THC Content: 900 MG Delta 8 THC

Delta 9 THC Content: This product contains less than .3% Delta 9 THC

Precautions: If you’re pregnant or nursing, then you should avoid this product at all costs. If you’re otherwise healthy, please consult with your physician before using this delta 8 vape cartridge. Ensure that it doesn’t interfere or mix with any other medications you are taking.

Weight 0.05625 lbs

Start with 1-2 puffs. Make sure you gauge your tolerance for this product before consuming it freely. Wait for 1-2 hours before the product takes effect.


Delta 8 THC Distillate, Terpenes


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